It’s Arrogant to Call Bono Arrogant

I seem to have lost the ability to write in paragraphs so welcome to Blog by Bullet Point. It kind of reflects how my brain works when I think deeply while trying not to trip over curbs/tree roots/small dogs or get hit by traffic.

Running this morning with iPod when Vertigo comes on. (You know, U2: Uno, dos, tres, catorce..)

And the line, “Your love is teaching me how to kneel.”

And I get thinking about humility because that’s what Bono’s describing.

Your love is teaching me how to kneel.

And then I think of what I’ve heard people (Christians in particular) saying about Bono.




And this takes me to the parable of the talents.

A wealthy master entrusts portions of his wealth to various servants each according to their ability.  The person who’s given the most money goes out and doubles it.

When he gives the great wealth back to the master, the master is very pleased indeed.

“Well done good and faithful servant.”

I wonder if that servant was an unassuming fellow who sat at the back of the temple and spent his days quietly going about doubling his master’s money by studying business and accounting.

Or, I wonder if he had a great big personality, enjoyed a party and told stories about what a wonderful master he worked for – who doubled his master’s money by using the huge network of contacts he’d developed thanks to his gregariousness.

Does it matter?

Does the bible say anywhere that anyone other than “the master” was pleased with this person?

So why are Christians so happy to despise Bono?

Arrogant? Is it possible that people are mistaking true humility for over-confidence?

True humility is having an accurate understanding of everything you’ve been given by God and using it for the sake of the master, according to your ability.

And what if, by doing that, you end up getting a lot of attention and (cringe) wealth?  Is that something to despise in a man who unceasingly talks about his master in the most public of forums.

Would Bono be a better servant if he was a never-swearing, teetotal volunteer worship leader in a little Dublin church?

Or does he serve his master better by being a rock star on the world stage, unabashedly talking about

justice for the poor


the cross

reading the bible

looking for God in a messy world

If we despise brothers and sisters in Christ because they don’t fit our expectations of what a Good Christian should look like, then we need to do a little

Pharisee Check:

Question: Is Bono the perfect follower of Christ?

Answer: Am I?

Put down the stones people

and enjoy my favourite Bono interview ever.



3 thoughts on “It’s Arrogant to Call Bono Arrogant

  1. Trisha

    Loved what you had to say. The funniest part is that we are mostly engaging in sanctimonious gossip when we show our “concern” by fearing Bono is arrogant. It sounds so good to prattle about his potential weaknesses, and it makes us feel so much better about our relatively ineffective lives. I am so glad that there is someone that calls himself a Christian, seems to act like a Christian, and doesn’t embarrass himself as a Christian. Also, I think Jesus would have hitchhiked too…..
    By the way, your writing felt more like poetry stylistically than it did bulllet-point. That’s another complement, by the way. Please keep writing; I like sanity.

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